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Saturn USB dev cart

USB dev cart related stuff, by cafe-alpha. http://ppcenter.free.fr/satcart/
From antime's USB dev cart page : http://www.iki.fi/Anders.Montonen/sega/usbcart/

What is USB dev cart ?

USB dev cart is a cartridge that plugs into Saturn cartidge port and allow USB-based fast data transfer between your Saturn and PC.
It is a good replacement for the one who want to exchange data with Saturn, but it can't be used to boot CD-ROM games, or use Action Replay codes.
Note: I have not designed this cart from zero by myself. It is the result of antime's work.

What a Saturn USB dev cart looks like
Action Replay USB dev cart #new# Remark
Can use Action Replay codes No Action Replay codes
Can boot import game CD-ROM Can't boot import game
Additional backup memory No backup memory Need to use Action Replay menu to access additional backup memory.
Extra RAM (4MB) No RAM
New Action Replay models don't have DB25 connector USB connector
Less than 20 KB/s data transfer 300 KB/s data transfer !

Do I really need USB dev cart ?

USB dev cart is mostly oriented for Saturn homebrew developpers. However, you can use it if you want to don't plan to use Action Replay codes or play import games.
Also, USB dev cart price is slightly lower than existing communication devices, because it doesn't requires the purchase of an Action Replay cartridge.

What this page is providing to me ?

USB dev cart PCB layout, ICs parts list, firmware source code are open source and can be found in antime's homepage. Feel free to build it by yourself if you are interested.
However, in order to build USB dev cart, you need to order parts, wait for them, solder small-pitched SMD ICs, test your cart, and eventually look for bad soldering, fix them, etc, which can be troublesome for the average USB dev cart user.
Hence, this page is providing you ready-to-use USB dev cart, as well as software support to it.

Some USB dev carts ready to ship


Note : Price US$ is given for indication only and may vary with currency exchange rate.

USB dev cart price (without shipping) is 33 Euros ($42) per cart.

Carts are shipped from Japan, and shipping price is described in EMS homepage in "Up to 300g" row.
Examples :

- To USA is JPY1200, which is $15
- To Europe is JPY1500, which is 15 Euros

Extra items :

- 50cm USB mini B cable to connect between USB dev cart and PC : 2 Euros ($2).
- 3m USB extension cable to connect between mini B USB cable and PC : 4 Euros ($4).

Adding extra item(s) won't change shipping costs.

Stock statusLast updated 2014-05-09

I periodically update the status below so that you can get an idea of how long it should take for you to receive your USB dev cart.
Complete and tested USB dev cart Out of Stock 2~3 working days needed to ship.
ICs (electronic components) Out of Stock If not in stock, 2 weeks needed to receive ICs, soldering and testing.
Bare PCB (Rev 1c) Out of Stock If not in stock, 3~4 weeks needed to receive PCB, soldering and testing.

Some pictures

Some pictures of USB dev cartridges.

USB dev cart USB dev cart USB dev cart USB dev cart

How to order a cart

Please send me an email by using the form below.
You can write in English, French or Japanese.
Vous pouvez passer une commande en Français ! #beret#
日本語でのやりとりはOK(まぁ、母国語ではないがある程度OKですよ.) #smile#
2014 May 09 update :
Due to health conditions, I will not be able to assemble and provide USB dev cart for some monthes.
But, I promise that one day, I'll be back, will re-open this page and will continue to provide marvelous Saturn stuff !
If you can't wait to get your USB dev cart, you can build your own by yourself
, and/or beg for assistance in the dedicated topic in SegaXtreme forums.

DownloadLast updated : 2013-06-18

You can extract files from archives by using 7zip software.

#new#SEGA_Saturn_USB_devcard_Win7_64.pdf USB dev cart setup manual
for Win 7 64 bit
#new#SatCom_release_20131014.7z Software for use on Windows OS
usb_dev_cart_driver_20120723.7z Driver for use on Windows OS
(online readme)

Below are source files/old files that are not needed for normal use of USB dev cart :

#new#SatCom_release_20131014.7z USB dev cart firmware sources
usb_cartrom_20120723.7z USB dev cart firmware sources [Old]
SatLink_20120723.7z Software for use on Windows OS [Old]
usbcart-kicad_20121202_Rev1c.7z "Rev 1c" prototype PCB sources
usb_cartrom_20130607.7z USB dev cart firmware sources
(online readme)

Note 1: Some of these softwares are adapted from antime's homepage.

Note 2: Win7 64 bit setup manual is provided by the courtesy of Duranik team #wink#


- 2013/10/14: Added updated firmware sources.
- 2013/06/18: Added Win7 64 bit setup manual.
- 2013/06/07: Added "Rev 1c" prototype PCB and latest firmware sources.
- 2012/07/23: First release of USB dev cart firmware, driver and software.


Q: Can I play official Saturn games when using the USB dev cart ?
A: When Saturn is powered on, USB dev cart firmware boots first.
Hence, when screen is red/green blinking, you need push any key on your Saturn pad in order to exit USB dev cart firmware and go to Saturn multiplayer screen.
Then, from multiplayer screen, you can play game from CDROM.

Q: My USB dev cart doesn't work !
A: First, please send me a message by using the order form above, so that we will check what is going wrong.
If your cart can be repaired, all the shipping fees, as well as the money needed to purchase replacement ICs are at your charge.